About Us
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As Teymur Continental Hotel & Convention Center, we acted with our dedicated working principle and left behind 6 years with our guests.

In addition to providing a modern and comfortable hotel comfort to our guests, we continue to contribute to the tourism and market sector by taking care to protect our values.

We are committed to luxury, comfort and comfort in every day of your stay in our hotel as it is our priority service to make you feel special. This can be for the marriage, which is one of the most important decisions of your life, a step into new beginnings, for a rest after a busy business meeting or for a dinner with your loved ones.

Going further and achieving higher achievements will be our principle as well as our prior goal.

We would like to thank our employees and customers who have the greatest effort in our success and we aim to reach many more successes together.

Our Services
24 Hour Room Service
  • In accordance with the orders of our guests, food and beverages are delivered to the rooms as soon as possible and the service is one of the special services of our hotel.
  • Our expert and experienced masseurs to bring you peace of mind with magic touches and you relax in the sauna and spa. * Sweating Room, * Foam, Reflexology Massages * Cellulite and Sports Massages * Special occasions for women * Turkish bath * Classical Massages * Pool Fitness * Steam Room and Pouch
Ballrooms and Meeting Rooms
  • The Teymur Continental Hotel and Convention Center is home to prestigious events, various meetings and weddings in our city. In our hotel, three ballrooms and various meeting rooms are designed to fit your needs and requirements. With its high hospitality capacity, it contributes to the realization of every activity in comfort.
  • Our restaurant, which serves with its rich menu, is at the service of our guests staying outside the hotel as well as all day long guests. Various organizations and invitations can be organized in our restaurant up to 500 people capacity.
Balayı Dairesi
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Çocuk Kulübü
  • Çocuğunuzun enerjisini atması ve keyifli vakit geçirmesi için farklı arayışlar içindeyseniz, Teymur Continental Hotel sizlere farklı bir deneyim imkanı sunuyor. Restaurantımızın içerisinde yer alan Çocuk Kulübü ile, siz otelimizin hizmetlerinden yararlanırken, çocuğunuz da tecrübeli oyun ablaları ve çeşitli oyun alanları ile güzel vakit geçiriyor olacak.